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    Calculating Fluid Needs

    Daily fluid requirement on any person could differ, depending on body condition, age, gender, environmental temperature, type of food consumed, and types of activities. For example, people who do a lot of physical activities like sports will be different needs for fluid compared with more sedentary office. Old age group who are not active have less fluid requirements than adults who are still very active in fisik.Orang who experience renal impairment is very limited fluid intake than those who kidneys healthy. That’s why everyone should understand the needs of each body, in accordance with the conditions. If necessary, consult with a nutritionist physician after a medical examination in general (general check-up). In general, conditions in noraml, the body’s need of da
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    Familiar and close with the father may make a Child Resistant Stress

    The way a man coping with stress routine, such as congestion and tengat job, it depends on the pattern of relationship with her father in childhood. This is one result of research published in the meeting of the American Psychological Association. Some time ago, a study showed that women showed less affection have a big impact on a child’s emotional stability. Meanwhile, only a few studies related to the relationship between father and son. “The relationship a father and son have a tremendous influence in the life of someone. If the relationship is healthy, will be very positive effect on the child,” said Melanie Mallers, researchers from California State University, USA. In his research, Mallers and his team conducted a survey of 912 men and women aged 25-74
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    Laptop Repair

    Need to repair your laptop? As we look to repair your own laptop note that once you open the cabinet that may invalidate any warranty. A certified service technician will be able to tell quickly if a laptop has been opened and the internal components modified or changed. Laptop repair is not always easy. If the laptop is no longer under warranty and you do not feel comfortable replacing some of these pieces of yourself, you’ll find a professional to do. If you want to repair a laptop for yourself you must first disassembly manual, photos, videos and sorted by the manufacturer. Once the laptops have manual you’ll find that disassembly of a laptop is made of many small and delicate chips and other technical elements with small details. If one of these innumerable and delicate te


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