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    Resolusi 2013 Komunitas Blogger Jogja

    Resolusi 2013 Komunitas Blogger Jogja - Setelah suksesnya Ulang Tahun Komunitas Blogger Jogja ke-1 dan pemilihan pengurus baru Komunitas Blogger Jogja Periode 2012-2013 tentu masih ada kendala demi kendala yang akan dilaksanakan pada kegiatan kedepan. Maka dari itu, pengurus KBJ periode 2012-2013 akan mengadakan sebuah kontes SEO untuk warga internal Komunitas Blogger Jogja. Kontes ini bertujuan untuk memberikan wadah untuk berorasi bagaimana KBJ kedepan. Resolusi 2013 Komunitas Blogger Jogja Ikuti kontes Mini SEO Komunitas Blogger Jogja dengan syarat sebagai berikut : - jumlah artikel minimal 300 kata. - Keyword : Resolusi 2013 Komunitas Blogger Jogja - Tema dan isi postingan kontes SEO ini harus terdapat,saran,kritik,dan ide untuk KBJ selama satu tahun ke depan. Selain itu bisa men
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    Topless Pictures of Miss Universe 2010

    Miss Universe pagent universe 2010 will be held in two weeks, but the contestants have to go through several sessions to be winners, one photo session recently held in Las Vegas, and some contestants turned out to be photographed topless. A number of Miss Universe 2010 contestants are willing to be photographed topless, was the contestant from America, Trininad & Tobago, Japan and Haiti. According to the contestants from Trinidad & Tobago La Toya Woods, the shooting was intended to steal people’s attention. “This is definitely going to invite questions, but I’m comfortable doing that important,” said La Toya after bertoples ria. In addition to La Toya, the other contestants are also willing to be photographed topless Rima Fakih, winner of the Miss USA are o
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    Through condemns Facebook 4 Student Fired

    Four female students of SMAN 2 Kota Probolinggo, East Java, was fired because the school considered libelous. They are Mega Ayu Karina, Rusdiana Islamiati, Devi Rizki, and Anisah Nurul Hidayah who all sat in class 11 IPS. Mentioned, Friday (7/30/2010) ago, Devi makes status on his Facebook account. Contents, Devi complained about the incident at her school, which until now has not been handled. As the event’s loss of several students helmets, seat motors be sliced, even put on shoes that musala also destroyed (sliced). The incident was reported to the student. However, in its status, Devi said there was no response. From there emerged a comment Devi friends. Status and comments they apparently long tails, even the SMAN 2 furious. So that the school institution to fire the four stud


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