Familiar and close with the father may make a Child Resistant Stress

10 Sep 2010

The way a man coping with stress routine, such as congestion and tengat job, it depends on the pattern of relationship with her father in childhood. This is one result of research published in the meeting of the American Psychological Association.

Some time ago, a study showed that women showed less affection have a big impact on a child’s emotional stability. Meanwhile, only a few studies related to the relationship between father and son.

“The relationship a father and son have a tremendous influence in the life of someone. If the relationship is healthy, will be very positive effect on the child,” said Melanie Mallers, researchers from California State University, USA.

In his research, Mallers and his team conducted a survey of 912 men and women aged 25-74 years about their stress levels during the last eight days. The respondents were also asked about their relationship with their parents in childhood.

The majority of respondents answered that they have a more sweet relationship with their mothers than with fathers. Most of the boys admitted that they are closer to his mother than with girls.

“My mother has a very strong influence in a child’s emotional stability, in both men and women. Children who have poor relationships with their mothers tend to have negative emotions in adulthood,” said Mallers.

However, what about the father? The research team found that men who have less than warm relationship with his father tends to be more difficult in dealing with everyday stress. They are also relatively more easily depressed, irritable, and easy to get sick due to stress they face. (source)




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