Affection for Schizophrenia Patient

8 Sep 2010

After 10 years, Bagus Utomo (37) recently realized that her brother, Bayu, suffering from schizophrenia or severe mental disorder. Why so long? Year 1995, Bayu started showing strange behavior. Bayu who was then aged 30 years is often a great rage. “We take her medication and doctors (people) only give medicine without ever explaining my brother’s illness,” said Good.

After taking medicine, Bayu situation improves. However, whenever, oddly behavior could recur. He’s no longer just a tantrum, but also cursed his father, hostile to all men, and shouted hysterically all night. Behavior is repeated over 10 years. “During that time we also can not sleep and always tense. Our family like in hell, “Good story, Thursday (08/26/2010).

When the family began to despair, Good looking for any information about such weird behavior that indicated his brother. In 1998, he found a site on the internet about schizophrenia. From there, it’s good to know her sister to meet the characteristics of schizophrenia, which is experiencing hallucinations, suspicion, and behave strangely.

Single (36) even realized that his brother, Dwi Putro, usually addressed as Pak Wi, suffered from schizophrenia after 17 years. “We only know Mr. Wi used to lash out and hang out for days. That happened several times since 1983. We just know Sir Wi schizophrenic 2000s, “said Sole.

Not knowing, continued singles, two parents mistreat Dwi. “My parents forbade Mr. Wi went and took a shower while the water wasted. As a result, Mr. Wi increasingly depressed. “

Sari (36) also recalled how the family handles the confusion Wibi (54), his cousin, when often raged since the age of 21 years. “The family thought Wibi taxable witchcraft, so we brought him to boarding school or a smart person. Because there is no result, we take it to new doctors. From there, we just knew that if Wibi schizophrenia, “says Sari.

Carla R Marchira, psikater in the Faculty of Medicine and Dr Sardjito UGM, Yogyakarta, said the understanding among the public about schizophrenia is relatively low. “If there are people who suddenly behaving strangely, it must be presumed taxable witchcraft. In fact, it may be symptoms of mental disorder, “he said.

In addition, families are generally denied if one of its members experiencing mental illness for fear of stigma taxable. As a result, doctors treated patients was too late. In fact, Carla went on, the sooner treated, the more likely the patient can recover.

According to Indonesian standards, people are assumed to suffer from schizophrenia if for one month experienced psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations and experienced supposition. Hallucinations are sensory perception disorder sufferers. As a result, the patient’s ear, for example, heard strange whisperings that are not there. Supposition is the condition when the patient’s mind is not realistic. He, for example, felt persecuted pocong or the CIA.

“We must understand that the hallucinations and the supposition was heavy. Imagine if every time you feel being chased pocong, you must have screamed with fear, “he said.

To cope with psychotic symptoms, the doctor usually gives the antipsychotic drug. Prolonged treatment, even some patients must take medication throughout their lives. (source)

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