How to Detect and Treat Breast Cancer

1 Sep 2010

It may be useful to learn more about how to detect breast cancer because when it is diagnosed early, it can be treated more effectively.

The breast is composed of a group of glands and channels protected by fatty tissue. When cancer occurs, cells start to divide and multiply rapidly growing into an abnormal rhythm. It can start in the mammary glands or ducts and spread to lymph nodes and tissue in overweight throughout the breast. Although breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women under 35, only 8,000 women are diagnosed before their menopause, of which 2,000 are in their 20s or 30s, the ladies of 44,000 cases diagnosed each year .

There are certain factors that may increase the risk of a woman developing breast cancer, they are as follows:

  • Starting menstruation at a young age, 12 years before the elderly.
  • Late menopause after 55 years the elderly
  • Excess weight, especially after menopause
  • If it is the story of parents and / or genes inherited
  • Taking HRT - that all things considered, the risks are reduced after stopping to take
  • Regular consumption of more than one unit of alcohol every day
  • Historicallyin seen in the past had breast cancer

What are the signs that you should be aware of?

  • Unexpected change the size or anatomy of the breast
  • Unexpected changes in the nipple, such as changing position or shape, becoming inverted or develop a rash or discharge
  • The skin of the breast appears dimpled or wrinkled
  • Continuous pain in one area, either in the breast or armpit
  • Swelling in the armpit or in the region of the clavicle
  • A lump or thickening in the breast or armpit

How breast cancer can be diagnosed?
If you notice any of these signs or are concerned about any of them see your doctor and they will review and if necessary refer you to a breast clinic for further examination and ultrasound or mammography (breast x-ray). If a piece is, the cells can be extracted with a needle or a biopsy may be performed to determine if the lump is malignant. The earlier detected the more effective treatment can be. Learn to self-examination, because it makes it easier to know your breasts and to recognize the unnatural changes on them.

What types of treatment available?
Your specialist to choose the type of treatment that best suits your needs depending on the stage of the tumor, your age and your overall health and other factors. Treatment may include surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or hormone therapy, either on their own or mixed in any order or combination.

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